Inside Luis Alvizo’s Office

The second story of our launch explores the workspace of Luis J. Alvizo, a developer based out of Napa Valley, Calfonia.

Read his story below!

Tell us a bit about what you do for a living 

I’m a Full Stack Developer working as a freelancer and as a partner for multiple businesses in California. I’ve been a Developer for 10+ years now. Most of my work revolves around programming and designing simple websites, apps, software, games, widgets, plugins, assets, basically anything that has to do with coding and design. My work is both in-house and offsite or in other words, remote.

When I first began programming, it all came from the love that I had for games. The design aspect of my life came by accident when I attended a web design certificate course at my college. I had to learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as learn how to sketch. Slowly but surly I learned both aspects that eventually brought me to where I am now. I work almost 10 hours a day at home but at the time of me getting interviewed by WorkSpace X, I am in the works of obtaining an oce near my home and it will be based on a new brand business that I am currently working on with a few partners, so we hope to showcase our oce and its projects in the next coming months.

My current freelancing job sometimes takes me out of our my country or it will take me on a travel plan within the country to work with amazing and wonderful individuals who are in need of my services. My life is quite busy at the moment but even when I’m busy, I always spend the time to invest my time with my family and friends.

How is your workspace set up?

My workplace is setup in a room that I hardly use at home. It consists of a white table with an iMac on top of it and a shelf to place my books and tools. Right in front of my desktop, over by the large window I have, sits my bookshelf. I decided to place it behind me when I’m working to help me get up and move around my home office. Sometimes you just have to stretch and let your body relax.

What hardware/equipment do you use?

I use a lot of equipment for my work. This consists of using a DSLR camera, a professional drone that can shoot 4K for cinematic videos for my clients projects, an iMac to check my everyday work, different types of lens for both my drone and my camera, and a few other tools to make high quality content.


What software do you use?

I use a few programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Android Studio for Android apps, Xcode for Apple product apps, Adobe Brackets for coding, Unity for game development, Blender for asset design, and a few others for video editing.


What does a typical work day look like?

Very busy. I basically use a few paid apps to help me schedule my work months in advance so that I don’t lose track of what I have to do days and months from now. Although my typical day is a busy one, I always make room for my loved ones so that we can share a day or two, together.

My typical day consists of waking up at 5am or sometimes at 7am, depending on the type of day scheduled. My day begins with getting ready to work. I check my emails and social media accounts for an hour to respond back to everyone who emailed or texted me. After this, I go to my home office and begin the day with a coffee or sometimes a hot tea. I then begin my day with continuing where I last left off in my work and review notes, do research and staying in touch with my clients throughout the day.

Breakfast and lunch often depends in the type of mood i’m in but a lot of the time I am enjoying lunch in my backyard in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour. A lot of reading, notating and highlighting also happens during my work hours as well as printing documents. This mainly happens throughout the day.

At the end of the day I leave everything that is related to my work in my home office and enjoy an hour outside to exercise or be with my loved ones. This is pretty much a repeat cycle in my everyday work life.

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